• Vischmarkt

The atmospheric Fish market (Vischmarkt)

Are you looking for a cozy café or an attractive restaurant? Harderwijk is known for its good, cozy restaurants. For example, choose one of the Michelin-starred restaurants on the picturesque Vischmarkt, the culinary square of Harderwijk. But also at the market or on the boulevard you will find restaurants that put a lot of emphasis on the menu, the ambience, the service and of course the taste of the dishes. The culinary offer is unparalleled. Enjoy with friends or family or opt for a romantic dinner for two.

Restaurant Da Gabriele

At one of the most beautiful places in the heart of old Harderwijk is our restaurant, where we welcome you in a typical Mediterranean atmosphere. An unusual restaurant on three levels with about 100 seats and an appetizer bar in a 400 year old vaulted cellar. Fashionable, romantic and above all Italian - three keywords that describe Ristorante Da Gabriele. The different floors, the intimate bay windows, the atmospheric lighting and, of course, the excellent cuisine make dining here synonymous with supreme pleasure.

Dinner is available from 17.00. The team of Da Gabriele is looking forward to your visit!

Restaurant ’t Nonnetje

't Nonnetje is a cozy and intimate restaurant with two Michelin stars in the old town of Hanzestadt Harderwijk. In a relaxed atmosphere, owner and host Robert-Jan Nijland, SVH master chef Michel van der Kroft and his brigade delight and surprise guests from home and abroad with a cuisine that focuses on original dishes.

Restaurant Ratatouille

The name Ratatouille has been on the facade since 2004 and was not chosen by chance. The love of vegetables is reflected here and as diverse as ratatouille can be prepared, so is the restaurant. Intimate, cozy and elegant. The combination of modern and classic is not only visible in the interior, but can also be tasted. In the wines and drinks served and in everything that comes out of the kitchen.

Come and enjoy a nice dinner or a relaxed Sunday lunch in our restaurant behind the boulevard in Harderwijk.

The new food & cocktail experience of Harderwijk and surroundings

Cozy Harbour

Relaxed, luxurious and at one with the natural environment. Perfectly positioned on the beautiful boulevard of Harderwijk. Experience is of paramount importance at Cozy Harbor. A fantastic and culinary street-food menu, culinary bites with fresh, challenging cocktails and that mixed in a high-end modern restaurant.

Bella Ciao

Food and drink are a fundamental part of the Italian lifestyle. 

Our restaurant offers a modern Italian concept with many traditional aspects. Think fresh homemade pasta in our pasta lab, authentic sourdough pizzas with influences from all over the world and traditional Italian coffee from freshly ground beans. 

The quality of the carefully chosen ingredients and products is the most important basis for restaurant Bella ciao.