Boat rental

Enjoy a wonderful boat trip on the Veluwemeer. Book one of our unique and luxurious boats online. And if you do not have a sailing license? Then you can simply book an additional captain. You can book a boat trip from the age of 18.

Unique experience

Hermes speedster

We have a love for life and a passion for boats, and we want you to experience this with us. Let yourself drift gently on the Veluwemeer while the sun shines down on your face or feel the wind in your hair as you accelerate, the refreshing water splashing on your arms and the powerful roaring engine of the Hermes Speedster. The ultimate feeling of freedom! Book this unique experience and discover Harderwijk like never before together with the captain of Rièra.

Pure pleasure

Van Vossen 777

The Van Vossen Tender is easy to sail. Thanks to the bow thruster you can maneuver comfortably and stress-free, so nothing stands in the way of a relaxing boat ride. In addition to this advantage, the boat also has considerable power. With 175 horsepower, you can enjoy the water with about 8 people on board. On the boat you can both sit and lie down. There is a good sound system on the boat so you can listen to all your favorite songs.

Quiet cruising and enjoyment

Polar 22

Come and sail this classic Spitsgatter sloop, perfect for a boat trip through Harderwijk. It can pass under all the bridges in the waterfront (you have to bend over at some of them!). This boat is all about quiet cruising and enjoyment....

This boat is 6.75m long, 2.25m wide and has a draft of 0.75m. The Polar is powered by a Yanmar 2-cylinder inboard diesel with 18 hp. Suitable for at least 10 - 12 persons. Since you sit behind the steering wheel like in a car, driving the Polar is very easy.

The most fun excursion of the year

Botter sailing

Water, wind, fun, good food and drink, in short, all the elements for a successful excursion for everyone! Go together with colleagues, family, friends or acquaintances on board one of our botters and enjoy! 'Botter hire Harderwijk' has specialized in comprehensive packages for an enjoyable day out for more than 17 years and has more than 3000 customers every year. In one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, from the old fishing port of Harderwijk on the former Zuiderzee, they pass uninhabited islands on the Veluwemeer.